Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association

Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

Non-sanctioned Tournaments in Pennsylvania, or
Sanctioned Tournaments in non-EPHPA Charters or States

These tournaments are listed as a courtesy for our EPHPA pitchers.
They are non-sanctioned tournaments, or tournaments held in neighboring states or charters.
Please do not contact EPHPA for additional information on these tournaments.
Please use the contact information listed for each event.

Please CLICK HERE for other tournaments and fund-raisers in our area

Sanctioned Tournaments:
Charters or States outside of EPHPA

Western Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association

New Jersey State Horseshoe Pitchers Association

Delaware "First State" Horseshoe Club

Tri-County Horseshoe Club [Facebook Page]

Tri-County Horseshoe Club, Groton, NY :

One Saturday per month (October - April)
Sanctioned Singles Tournaments
Sanctioned Doubles Tournaments
Many other events throughout the season (see "Events" tab)

Monthly sanctioned singles tournaments
Pre-registration 10 days prior to tournaments
Contact Eric Conrad, 607-321-8938, email: ciredarnoc@aol.com
Go to Tri-County Horseshoe Club [Facebook Page] for specific details

Western PA Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

Year-round Sanctioned Singles & Doubles Tournaments
Indoor & Outdoor Tournaments
Pre-registration required
Go to Western PA Horseshoe Pitchers Association for specific details

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