Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:




  Roxbury, Pennsylvania


  Sept 3-5, 2010


If more than two days are needed for regular classes, there will be shifts on Friday night. 


Eligibility requirements:  All contestants must reside in PA and must have pitched in a minimum of 3 sanctioned tournaments in the preceding 12 months prior to entry deadline for PA state tournament.    Junior contestants must reside in PA and must have pitched a minimum of one NHPA sanctioned tournament in the preceding 12 months prior to entry deadline.  An NHPA sanctioned league can replace any one of the tournaments required provided that 400 or more shoes have been pitched prior to entry deadline. 


Entry deadline is August 14, 2010








City:                                                                Zip Code:                              



Phone #:                                             NHPA #:                                            


Email Address:  ________________________________________


Fees must be sent with entry

No refunds for cancellations after the entry deadline. 


Adults:  $25 , Juniors:  $5

($5 extra for championship classes, paid at check-in station)


Please choose your division (Circle only one)


Men                 Sr Men            Women           Elders             Juniors


Mail this form with entry to:

Allen Gipe, 10208 Newburg Rd, Orrstown, PA  17244    

Tele #717 - 532 - 8165

Make checks payable to EPHPA