All Officers Effective After April 23, 2107

President Rick Hawk 570-600-2000

Secretary Donovan Sutton 717-667-6417

Treasurer Rob Dietz 814-251-3307

Tourn. Coord. Denny Hall 814-641-7489

PA Regional Director Denny Hall 814-641-7489

Webmaster Lee Estep 570-696-3696

Tom Reuther [1st VP] John Rheam

Dave Jadlocki [2nd VP] Dick Scott

Justin Foster [ 3rd VP] Butch Young

Mike Taylor Denny Hall

Dave Holliday Dale Estep

Rules and Regulations for Eastern PA Horseshoes are as follows

1. A $20.00 fee will be required for all Eastern PA tournaments in 2017. The State Tournaments may be different. $2.00 from each entry fee at all tournaments [except State Tournaments] is to be given to the Treasurer for use in future State Tournaments also $3.00 from each entry fee at all tournaments [except State Tournaments] is to be given to the Treasurer for to be placed in the General Fund.

2. The NHPA Card fee is- Adults $25.00 [NHPA dues $17.00 + Eastern PA dues $8.00]

Juniors $8.00 [NHPA dues $5.00 + Eastern PA dues $3.00 ]

3. The NHPA dress code will be strictly enforced. [One warning only]

4. All tournament directors will have at their discretion the option of having separate 30 and 40 classes. Classes with a ringer % spread of 15 points or more may be handicapped at 80%. Handicapped classes can be 30, 40 or 50 shoe games.

5. Opponents will be seated according to current NATSTATS averages.

6. The Eastern PA Points Championship will award points for each position in every class at all Eastern PA completed tournaments [except State Tournaments]. In each class, 1st place equals the number of pitchers in the class. Each consecutive place decreases by 1 point [example for 8 man class 1st - 8 pts, 2nd 7 pts, 3rd 6 pts etc.] If pitcher competes in more than 1 class, points will only be awarded for their highest finishing position. Standings will be posted at each tournament by the tournament director. The most current standings will be on the Eastern PA webpage at

1st Place-----------------------------------------------------$100.00 plus a Plate

2nd Place----------------------------------------------------$75.00 plus a Plate

3rd Place----------------------------------------------------$50.00 plus a Plate

7. All pitchers must pay $1.00 per game to scorekeepers in all Eastern PA sanctioned tournaments.

8. Pitchers are not allowed to practice at a tournament until the time is announced by the tournament director. Directors will allow a minimum of 20 minutes warm up before the start of the class.

[Most of our directors use the telephone to call with starting times. It is important to have an up to date number on our member list. Contact Rob Dietz if a number change is required. [It would also help if your answering machine would identify you.]