Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:


Each pitcher is responsible for verifying their own standings.

The Eastern PA Horseshoe Pitchers Association will award points for each position finished in every class at all Eastern PA sanctioned tournaments that have no incomplete classes. (The exception is: points will not be awarded for The State Doubles tournament and The State Singles tournament).

Additional Explanation:
Anyone who pitches in an EPHPA tournament is eligible for our Points Championship. You will find pitchers from many states listed in addition to EPHPA and WPHPA. We find that including out-of-state pitchers in our Points Championship makes them feel welcome and part of our family.

In order for a tournament to qualify, all classes must have pitched. In other words, a tournament that had some classes cancelled due to weather will not count in the Points Championship race. Everyone gets a chance to score points or no one does.

We do not award points differently among classes. 'A' class or 'J' class pitchers get the same points, based on where they finished in the class.

We do not award points differently for 40' or 30' pitchers

The Eastern PA Points Championship will award points for each position in every class at all Eastern PA completed tournaments [except State Tournaments]. In each class, 1st place equals the number of pitchers in the class. Each consecutive place decreases by 1 point [example for 8 man class 1st - 8 pts, 2nd- 7 pts, 3rd -6 pts etc.] If pitcher competes in more than 1 class, points will only be awarded for their highest finishing position. Standings will be posted at each tournament by the tournament director. The most current standings will be on the Eastern PA webpage at:

2021 Points Championship Summary

1st place..$100.00 + a plate
2nd place...$75.00 + a plate
3rd place...$50.00 + a plate

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