EPHPA General Membership Meeting

Sunday April 23, 2017


Rick Hawk opened the meeting @2:00pm.


A sign-in sheet was passed. There were 24 members present.


The minutes from the November Directorís meeting were approved as published on a motion from Walter Burtner & 2nd by Lee Estep.


Rob Dietz presented a detailed treasurerís report which was approved as published on a motion from Walter Burtner 2nd by Dolly Smith. At the November meeting the directors approved capping the Selinsgrove Give Back at $500 per year.Any monies remaining after this will be used for repairs or improvements at the indoor courts.


Over the last 4 Ė 5 years the general fund has been operating at a loss or just breaking even. The fund only receives $8.00 from each membership purchased. In 2016 we had 174 members totaling $1392. The plates & plaques totaled $849. The website cost was $181.30. The points champion payout was$ 225. The total for these 3 expenses was $1255.30 taking care of most of the money from dues. The board of directors are recommending an increase in tournament entry fees to $20. The breakdown of this fee will be $15 to the prize payout, $2 to the State Tournament fund and $3 to the general fund. After discussion a motion was made by Walter Burtner and 2nd by Dale Estep to increase the entry fee. The motion was approved.


Lee Estep presented a report regarding the website. The hits to the site have begun to increase as the pitching season nears. Lee asked all clubs to please update their contact info on their page. Lee is still searching for someone willing to help with the website. This help could be as simple as reviewing pages to assure accuracy. Lee has been running the webpage for the last 17 years. Lee will be adding a current paid member list to the website.



Tom Reuther questioned the fact the winner of the Mount Wolfe Indoor Tournament may not have had a current card. Rob Dietz is currently working to resolve this issue. Mike Taylor & Denny Hall both discussed the benefits of this tournament including 5 new pitchers joining EPHPA. [Since this meeting the member is current with a 2017 membership card.]


The 2017 State Singles will be held Labor Day Weekend at New Castle. The State Doubles will be held at Huntingdon on Saturday September 16.


The Hall of Fame committee currently has no nominees for this year.


The directors discussed player conduct and language on the courts at their meeting. If an issue should arise during a tournament inform the tournament director. The player will be given a verbal warning. Players were reminded the indoor facility in Selinsgrove is alcohol and smoke free.


John Rheam questioned the rules for dropping out of tournament. Currently the rule states the accumulated results of the dropping player remain. John would like to see this changed stating he didnít think it was fair to the other players in the class. A long discussion regarding this topic took place. Denny will attempt to find if the rule could be changed for the EPHPA. The 2nd part questioned was dropping out and then returning to the tournament which is legal if the drop was for a legitimate reason. Dick Scott stated we needed a fair rule to everyone.


Carlisle will be hosting a Spring Fling Club Challenge on Sunday April 30. Mike Taylor stated he has a possibility of 12 teams entering.


The Fall Club Challenge will be held Sunday October 8 at Selinsgrove. Due to court space this will be capped at 8 teams.


The following dates and directors were chosen for the 2017/2018 Indoor Tournaments

November 11††††††††††††††††† Veterans Open††††††††††††††††† Dave Holliday

December 9†††††††††††††††††††††† Christmas Open††††††††††††††† Denny Hall

January Date Depends on Farm Show†††††††

New Yearís Open††††††††††††† Butch Young

February 10††††††††††††††††††††††† Valentines Open†††††††††††††† Rick Hawk

March 10†††††††††††† Saint Patrickís Open††††††††††††††††††††††† Dale Estep



Dick Scott will no longer be able to run tournaments due to his health concerns. He will attempt to keep the league in New Cumberland running. Dick is willing to remain the contact person for the Farm Show but will need help before and during the event, normally contact for the Farm Show begins in October or November. The 2017 Farm Show went very well. We had a steady stream of public pitchers, were able to sign up new members and spoke with many people interested in joining the EPHPA.


Walter Burtner questioned why Sam Schrantz is still listed on NATSTATS. Denny will contact Wayne at NATSTATS to resolve this issue.


It was noted a long time pitcher Dick Forshey has passed.


The EPHPA Directors meeting will be held Saturday November 11 at the Selinsgrove indoor courts.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:15pm.