Eastern PA Horseshoe Pitchers Association

Officer Meeting

Saturday November 12, 2016


Attendance sheet was passed. 12 members present

The minutes from the April meeting were accepted after a motion from Lee Estep and 2nd by Tom Reuther.

Rob Dietz gave treasurers report – Beginning balance $13,864.32. Receipts listed on treasurers reports, went over various funds. Current funds $12,325.30. Motion was made by Dale Estep and 2nd by Dave Jadlocki to accept the report which was approved.

Rick Hawk presidents report – discussed club challenge, Delaware Valley was club challenge winner. Discussing another club challenge for possibly in the spring. Carlisle would be host. April 30th possible date.

Lee Estep gave Web Master report – Did a snap shot 164 hits on front page, 34 were new to site. Linked directly to 27 other webpages. 150-175 hits per day. Some club pages are not updated. Just send a note and it can be changed right away. Service is still $12.95 a month even though company was bought out and still under umbrella of that company. Would like to train someone else to train how to post info. Anyone who would be interesting let Lee know. Denny will also send email.

Tom Reuther gave Vice President report – talked about renewal contract at Selinsgrove Indoor Pits.

Indoor schedule all set but Farm Show. Ron Baker gave report on Farm Show. Jan. 13th farm show. Horseshoe event back in small arena on Friday evening. Possible challenge to speed things up. Dick Scott may need a backup for event. Dale Estep and Dave Holliday may be able to help Dick.

Dick Scott would like two Saturdays saved for tournaments.

Indoor New Year’s Open January 14th

Suggestion to leave the payback to Selinsgrove Center at $500. Anything over and above use for improvements and repairs for indoor courts. Lee Estep motioned to leave it at $500 and leaving the extra for maintenance and Dale Estep 2nd motion and approved

Possibly bringing extra portable pits to the indoor facility in case they are needed and leaving them in the storage area. Also making sure there is enough at Mt Wolf for farm show. Mike Taylor will check on.

Indoor courts need work done to them to be sanctioned. Who is responsible for the work? Work does not need to be done till 2019. Have time to do. All angles are off. Maybe grandfathered. Denny to check into. Possibly getting together for a work day. 

Medical Exemptions – temporary exemptions are three years. Roger Wandells will run out. Denny motioned to extend till he turns 70. Dale Estep 2nds motions. Motion is approved. No new application.

Points Championship Payout – 170 pitchers – Walter Burtner 1st place, Mike Taylor 2nd, Brad Barger 3rd. Plates are ordered and checks have been given.

Indoor Points Championship – agreed not to include

State Tournaments – State Doubles will be in Huntingdon, Sept 16th. State Singles in New Castle Labor Day weekend in west on 2nd. Denny and Rob won double’s this year Class A.

Hall of Fame – List of hall of fame inductees the western and eastern list are different. Is there an official list? Lee Estep will check in to. Congratulations to Denny Hall new hall of fame member.

Player Conduct – Denny Hall did have several comments on language used on the courts. We are getting more young people and women. Un-Sportsmen like conduct. There are rules NHPA on conduct. How do we enforce the rules?  Tournament Directors will issue verbal warnings for infractions. If possible someone to watch player in question.

Dave Holliday gave World Tournament Report – Facility in Montgomery, Alabama was really good but it was really hot. NHPA had adopted a new logo. It has been accepted and trademarked. Submitted by Bobby White. Trademarked the old logo. Both logos will be in circulation. Ron Weiss was given Arch Stokes Award. New Business NHPA convention concern about finances at the national level due to decline of membership. Want people to purchase thru game related sales. Membership is continuing to decline. World Tournament need 900-950 to cover costs. Newsline is the number one communication tool. It’s free. First Vice President is Gary Roberts. Dan Sanders is stepping down. Next year’s world tournament is in St. George Utah July 17-29th. First 100 youths that enter will be free. If you went to Utah in 2013 and you bring someone to Utah you get $100 back on your fee. 2018 tournament was awarded to Florence, South Carolina (July 9-21 or July 30- August 11). Rule changes by December 31, 2016 to be considered for next year’s delegate meeting. Published on website by February.

Lee Estep brought up about raising the cost of entry fee to outdoor tournaments. If you raise price do you payout more money. $2 into state fund and nothing into general fund. If you raise will membership decline. How much to raise it $2-$5. If it is raised $5. $3 to the EPA general fund $2 state fund. Will add $2 to the prize money. Lee Estep motioned to raise tournament cost $5 and Ron Baker 2nd. Will bring up at general meeting.

Denny brought up about the possibility of clubs donating to NHPA Hall of Fame. They are struggling for funds. $25-$50 per year.

Club Challenge is the second Sunday of October.

April 23rd General Member Meeting – Farm Show Style

Outdoor Schedule – Any questions or problems with schedule contact Denny. Would like to have schedule ready for Farm Show.

Mike Taylor brought up judging kit. Can we buy one as a NHPA East?

Motion to close the meeting by Tom Reuther and 2nd by Rob Dietz.

Meeting adjourned.