Eastern PA Horseshoe Pitchers Association

General Membership Meeting

Sunday April 10, 2016


President Ron Baker opened the meeting at 2:00pm.

An attendance sheet was passed. There were 32 Members & guests present.

The minutes from the November Directors meeting were accepted after a motion from Mike Taylor 2nd by Dave Jadlocki.

Dave Holliday stated the transfer of funds to the new treasurer Rob Dietz has been completed. He thanked everyone involved stating the transfer went smoothly as he has only received one new membership application.

Rob Dietz stated he had to apply for a new EIN tax number to open an account. The current balance is $17589.32. A motion was made by Dale Estep and 2nd by Walter Burtner to accept the report which was approved.

Board of Directors: A motion was made and 2nd to nominate Donovan Sutton to replace Rob Dietz as secretary. The motion was approved and Donovan accepted the position. A motion was then made and 2nd to nominate Justin Foster as 3rd Vice President. The motion was approved and Justin accepted the position.  A motion was made and 2nd to nominate Denny Hall as Tournament Coordinator. The motion was approved and Denny accepted the position.

Rick Hawk stated the Club Challenge will be held on Sunday October 2, 2016 at the Selinsgrove outdoor courts.

Web site: Lee Estep submitted a written report regarding the web site. The number of weekly hits has increased as the outdoor season grows near. Lee thanked everyone for their submissions and reminded everyone to make sure their club’s information is current. Rob Dietz questioned when he is to pay the website fee. Lee stated on a yearly basis is fine with her and Dale. Lee is currently working on updating the years of longevity page.

The PA State Singles Championship Class was discussed. Due to the large spread in the 16 man class Denny suggested a possible change at the Director’s Meeting. Following e-mail discussions it is the recommendation of the board that the class be cut to an 8 man class. This class will play a double round robin [14 games]. The 1st round would be played on Saturday and the 2nd round on Sunday. Denny explained in order to make this change the EPHPA by- laws would have to be amended. A motion was made by Rick Hawk and 2nd by Dale Estep to amend the by-laws to this effect. The motion was approved. The top eight 40’ men will be seated according to their Nat Stat averages.

Selinsgrove indoor tournament fees: One of the requirements our contract with the Selinsgrove center contains is for our group to “give back” something to the center. Rick Hawk and Ton Reuther are heading a committee to determine the best way we can accomplish this. At our director’s meeting in November a motion was approved to increase the indoor tournament fee to $20. The extra $5 will be placed into a fund in order to accomplish the “give back’. A motion was made to amend the November Minutes to state “indoor tournament fees will be increased”.

Indoor Tournaments and Facility

Ray Haskins stated we once spoke about an indoor point’s championship and is it still being considered. After discussion the idea was tabled.

Ray then suggested the 50/50 money from any indoor tournament should be given to the director of the tournament to help cover their expenses. The directors present all stated this was not wanted and the 50/50 money should be placed in the general fund.

A long discussion followed regarding expenses at the indoor courts such as cleaning supplies, repairs and improvements. After this discussion a motion was made 2nd and approved stating any expense exceeding $50 by the indoor or any EPHPA facility must be approved by at least two board members. A follow up motion was made 2nd and approved to create a $50 petty cash fund for minor day to day expenses. This fund will be held by the Selinsgrove Cub Treasurer. This fund will be replenished by the EPHPA Treasurer upon his receiving receipts for the expenses.

Ray stated some of the needed improvements are two new pins to replace any broken ones, new matting in front of courts to better protect the floor and he suggested the bases of the pitching boxes should be replaced also to protect the floor. We are responsible for any damages that may occur at the facility. Ray also stated he could use help keeping the facility clean.

Ray would like to hold 5 non sanctioned indoor doubles tournaments next season. The board and members stated this was a good idea.

Dale Estep has been approved for a permanent medical exemption.

The 2015 Points Championship winners were 1st place Steve Swisher, 2nd place Maynard Bowman and a 3rd place tie between Ivan Header & Walter Burtner. The results from 2016 tournaments should be sent to Lee for the website and Denny for the point’s championship. Please check the standing within 14 day following the tournament for any possible corrections. Lee stated she has received very positive feedback from other states regarding our point’s championship format.

This year’s Farm Show Demonstration was discussed. Everything went about the same as last year. Dick stated in 2017 we will most likely be on the same day in the same arena. Some discussion followed on how to obtain better foot traffic for the event. One idea was to submit a request to the Farm Show allowing us to switch ends in the arena. We allow a walkway between our setups which would let spectators watch us and proceed to the other events. A question arose regarding whether the Farm Show was a publicity event or just a day to pitch. The last two years the audience participation has greatly declined.

From 2016 - 2018 Chairmanship of the Hall of Fame Committee moves to the EPHPA.  Walter Burtner will head the committee during this term. Walter stated anyone who you feel is qualified may be nominated as either a pitcher or a promoter. The deadline for nominations is June 1st. The following EPHPA members are on the committee- Walter Burtner, Dave Fisher, Steve Swisher and Tom Decker.

Dave Holliday has been asked to run a horseshoe clinic for the Montgomery County 4H group. This event will be held the 2nd weekend in August at the Montgomery County 4H Center. Dave will gladly accept help from any member who wishes to attend.

Dale stated the Groton Horseshoe Facility has become a smoke free establishment. This change has been well accepted by the pitchers.

Denny thanked everyone who came early to pitch the open tournament. There were 18 pitchers raising $80 to be placed in the Selinsgrove Center Fund. The top five finishers were Randy Zeiders, Al Long, Dave Holliday, Justin Foster and John Kauffman. Denny would like to attempt this style tournament again next year.

Denny distributed the tournament packets containing patches, plates and sanction numbers to the directors. Denny also presented a State Presidents Patch to Rick Hawk and a State Secretary’s Patch to Donovan Sutton.

Denny stated all of the active EPHPA courts have been sanctioned. The next scheduled sanctioning year is 2019.

Ron stated he enjoyed his experience as president during the last two years. He was not happy losing 3 clubs and stated as a group we must work harder to keep clubs and members active. Dick Scott stated we have been fortunate over the past years to elect qualified individuals as president keeping our organization strong.

Ron next presented the gavel to Rick Hawk and wished him success over the next two years.

The 2016 board of directors meeting will be held Saturday November 12, 2016 at the Selinsgrove Indoor Courts.

Meeting was adjourned