Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association

EPHPA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2015


Meeting was called to order by President Ron Baker at 12:05 pm.


I. Attendance: Meeting was attending by Ron Baker, Dave Holiday, Rob Dietz, Shelly Dietz, Denny Hall, Dave Jadlocki, Martin Bubb, Jim Dove, Dick Scott, John Rheam, Rick Hawk, Tom Reuther, Walter Burtner, Tom Decker, Lee Estep and Dale Estep. Mackeyville and Benton (notes provided by TD Butch Young) were not represented at the meeting.


II. Previous Minutes: Approval of minutes from February 2015

Dale Estep made a motion to accept the minutes. Rick Hawk seconded the motion. Motion carried.


III. Officer Reports:

A.Secretaryís Report

Rob Dietz resigned his position as secretary. The resignation was accepted.


B.Treasurerís Report

Dave Holiday gave the treasurerís report.

A motion to accept the report was made by Dave Jadlocki, seconded by Dick Scott. Motion carried. Holiday then resigned as treasurer.


Denny Hall made a motion to nominate Rob Dietz as treasurer. Dave Jadlocki seconded the motion. There were no other nominees and the motion carried.


C.Presidentís Report

President Ron Baker brought up an incident in which a member, Ray Haskins, has been getting on another member, Dick Scott, regarding how Scott runs his tournaments and the situation has turned personal. Baker feels this behavior is bad for the organization and is unsportsmanlike.


Denny Hall stated there is nothing in the bylaws regarding unsportsmanlike behavior; however, it may fall within new NHPA guidelines. Rick Hawk stated he would talk to Haskins regarding the situation. Scott thanked those present for their support.


Also discussed was the contract regarding the organizationís use of the indoor Selinsgrove facility and the stipulation the organization was to give back to the facility. As of yet, nothing has been done.


A number of ideas were discussed, including a bench on campus with a plaque, planting trees, a small park and a cleanup day.


Lee Estep made a motion to increase tournament rates by $5, starting with the December tournament in order to start a fund to allow the organization to give back to the facility. Tom Reuther seconded the motion. Motion passed


Rick Hawk and Tom Reuther will head a committee and talk to the facilityís director. Having mural painted of an eagle and a flag was discussed as something the organization would like to have done using 50/50 proceeds. Rob Dietz stated his brother could do this kind of work.


D. Webmaster

Lee Estep: Stated there has been an increase in website hits. Handed out a report. This is her 15th year running the website. She would appreciate feedback and more info for the website. She asked all clubs check the website to make sure their contact information was correct.


E. Other officer reports

Rich Hawk: Stated there was a good turnout for the Club Challenge. Congratulated Reedsville on winning.


IV. Indoor tournament dates and directors

All tournaments will be held on the second Saturday of the month with the exception of the January tournament which will be held Jan. 16.

December: Denny Hall

January: Dale Estep

February: Rick Hawk

March: Butch Young Ė not cofirmed


V. Old Business

A. Medical exemptions update: None except to check status of Roger Wandell


B. 2015 Points championship: Steve Swisher, first; Maynard Bowman, second; Ivan Header and Walter Burtner, tie for third.


C. 2015 State Singles: There were a lot of unhappy Eastern pitchers due to changes made to the bylaws. A handout was given on the changes that were made by Western. Change No. 3 was discussed regarding Menís 40-foot champion class. In order to change the bylaws, it must happen at the April meeting with a majority of the membership approving the change.


Different scenarios were discussed. Members were asked to think about it and contact Denny Hall by email with their thoughts.


D. 2015 State Doubles: 30 teams were registered. Numbers had increased. Everyone enjoyed the tournament.


E. Farm Show: Dick Scott stated the organization had been invited back to the Farm Show at the same place and time as last year, 3-10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 9. Set up will take place from 3-4 p.m. and tear down will be from 9-10 p.m.


The lack of spectators last year was discussed. It was stated the bottom doors that were closed last year will be open this year and should help. The prize money will be the same as last year. There will also be bracelets again although not as many will be needed.


It was asked if NHPA members could bring a guest to participate in the tournament. Denny Hall stated he didnít think that would be possible due to insurance.

Dick Scott stated he will check into the insurance situation. He also stated everyone must help during the day.


F. Hall of Fame: Dale Estep was inducted as a pitcher and a promoter. Dale was recognized and thanked everyone. It was also noted that forms are on the website and anyone can be nominated.


VI. New Business

A.Summer Schedule Dates discussed; form distributed.


B. The vacant secretary position was discussed. It was mentioned Donovan Sutton from Reedsville may be interested. It will be put on the website that the position is open. Nominations will be made at the April meeting.


C. Dale Estep stated the New York tournaments are now smoke-free.


D. Dave Holiday thanked tournament directors for doing a phenomenal job and to keep up the good work.


E. Dick Scott stated the scoreboards used by his club are much easier to use. If any club is interested, Steve Strausbaugh will make them for the cost of material.


F. Carlisle TD: It was noted Justin Foster will assist Mike Taylor with tournaments at Carlisle this coming year.


G. Lee Estep made a motion that EPHPA pay for award plaques to be distributed by clubs to winning pitchers, seconded by Rob Dietz. The motion carried.


VII. Closing The General Membership meeting will be held at 2 p.m. April 10 at Selinsgrove Indoor Facility.


A motion was made by Dale Estep to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Rob Dietz. Meeting adjourned at 2:20 pm