EPHPA General Membership Meeting

February 15, 2015

Meeting Minutes


The annual General Membership Meeting of the EPHPA was held on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015 at 12pm at the Mt Wolf facility with 18 members present. President Ron Baker called the meeting to order at 12pm.


Walter Burtner moved to accept the minutes of the last general meeting as posted on the web site. Jim Dove seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Officer’s Reports:


Treasurer Dave Holliday next reviewed the treasurer’s report. Rick Hawk moved to accept the report and Mike Taylor seconded the motion. Motion Carried.


President Ron Baker reported he had been contacted for information on a pitcher named Jack Rainbow. Ron determined Jack was from Western Pa. and forwarded the request to Ron Weiss.


Dale Estep presented the Webmasters report for Lee, who was unable to attend. He reminded everyone to provide the webmaster with any club site updates. The website has averaged 250 hits per month, more than 3200 since last years meeting, with 37 different web pages linking to our site. We are currently paying our websites host site $12.95 per month. Dale also reported that the website was updated 44 times since last year and a new section for the 2015 State Singles Tournament has been added.


Dale also presented the medical exemption report.  3 EPHPA members have permanent 30 foot exemptions and one has a temporary exemption, to be revisited in July.


Election of Officers:

The Secretary position is up for election. Rob Dietz was nominated for the position by Dale Estep. Mike Fenton seconded the motion. Nomination Passed.

Treasurer Dave Holliday reminded the body that the position of Treasurer will be open to nominations at next year’s general meeting.


Old Business:

Because of the popularity of the winter indoor tournaments at Selinsgrove, it was recommended that the website remind people to get their registrations in early if they plan to attend. The group was also reminded that there is to be no smoking, no alcohol, and no pictures at the indoor facility. The facility manager met with board officers recently and reminded them that some sort of “in kind” service was part of our contract with the facility. A clean up day was suggested as one way to repay for the use of the facilities.


Plates for the 2014 points championship still need to be ordered and the plates for the Nov/Dec indoor tournaments have yet to be distributed.


No one has stepped up to run the Shiloh or Fayetteville this year. Two members are considering hosting a Shiloh tournament next year.


Dick Scott reported that the Farm Show tournament was not as successful this year as in the past due to the relocation of the event, holding the event on Saturday, and the difficulty patrons had in reaching our public courts to participate in the events. The Farm Show gave Dick $200 more than expected. Tom Decker moved that the $200 be placed in the EPHPA treasury. Walt Burtner seconded the motion. Motion Carried


Dave Holliday reported that there were no Hall of Fame candidates last year and that Harvey Hayes is the current head of the Hall of Fame Committee. Dave encouraged everyone to submit appropriate nominees.


Denny Hall moved to spend $20 for a half page ad in the State Singles Tournament booklet.  Dale Estep seconded the motion. Motion Carried.


New Business:

Dale Estep moved that article X111 of the Constitution, the word “February” be changed to “April”. (Proposed change is to increase the odds of more clement weather for the general membership meeting). Mike Fenton seconded the motion. Motion Carried.


Dick Scott moved to adjourn. John Rheam seconded the motion. Motion Carried.