EPHPA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes



President Ron Baker called the meeting to order at 12pm.


 Rick Hawk moved to accept the minutes of the February General Membership Meeting as posted on our website. Tom Reuther seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Officer Reports:

President Ron Baker thanked Dick Scott for another successful farm show. He also thanked Rick Hawk for hosting the annual Team Challenge Match in October. The event continues to be a highlight event for those who attend. Ron also thanked Dale Estep for running the horseshoe tournament for the Can Am games held in York this summer. Dave Holliday was also recognized for coordinating a horseshoe pitching competition at a large event in the Philadelphia area that was unfortunately cancelled by the event promoter.


Secretary Dale Estep reported that the Comfort Inn in Selinsgrove is offering a substantial discount to horseshoe pitchers attending competition in Selinsgrove. The rate will be $79/night, depending on availability.  Dale also reported that the Dallas club once again won the NY/PA Challenge Match held in Dallas this fall. This annual event has been held every year since 2006, with a large trophy being “owned” by the winning state for one year.


Dale reported that a total of 5 EPHPA members have received medical exemptions allowing them to pitch at 30 feet. A data base has been established to track members with medical exemptions, including those with temporary exemptions.


Treasurer Dave Holliday reviewed the treasurer’s report. Lee Estep moved to accept the report as presented. Jim Wech seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Denny Hall has been assigned the position of Regional Director for the state of Pennsylvania, replacing Daryl Esh, who has resigned from the position.  Tony White of Erie, will be the Assistant Regional Director, reporting to Denny.  The board wishes to thank Daryl Esh for his many years of service as Pennsylvania’s Regional Director. Jim Wech moved that an appreciation plaque be presented to Daryl at the General Membership meeting in February. Tom Decker seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Denny reported that all horseshoe courts will have to be recertified in 2015.  Each court will be checked for distance from pin to pin, the angle of the pins, the height of the pins, and the tightness of the pins.


Denny also reported the results of the point’s championship for 2014. Walter Burtner took first place, Ivan Header took second, and Maynard Bowman took third.  187 pitchers competed in sanctioned tournaments in the EPHPA in 2014. Lee thanked Denny for efficiently managing the point’s championship program.



Dick Scott reported that this year’s farm show tournament will be held on Saturday, January10th, starting at approximately 3pm. Dick reported that due to congestion our tournament will be moved to the large arena. We anticipate even greater membership participation due to the event being held on a Saturday. We may be able to expand the number of courts available for spectator participation, which will require additional support from our members as well.


Lee Estep, Webmaster, reported that we experienced 930 hits in the past 30 days and we have averaged 250 hits per month the past year. Lee thanked the Tournament Directors for getting there tournament results to her quickly so that she could post them in a timely manner.


Lee also asked that the Hall of Fame Committee member names be forwarded to her so that she can place them on the web site. Dave Holliday will provide the list.


Winter Tournament Schedule: November 8  Dave Holliday

                                                December 13 Dale Estep

                                                January 17  Butch Young

                                                February 14 Denny Hall

                                                March 14 Rick Hawk


The summer pitching schedule was tentatively scheduled and will be released at the Harrisburg Farm Show Tournament in January.  Mike Creek and Steve Strausbaugh have expressed interest in running the Shiloh tournament this year. Ron will follow up on their decision.


The State Doubles Tournament is the responsibility of the EPHPA in 2015.  Jim Wech moved that it be held in Huntingdon.  Mike Taylor seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Discussion was held regarding the many thousands of dollars raised by EPHPA clubs on behalf of many charities. Lee will place information regarding our efforts to support charities once she has received details from the supporting clubs.


Tom Reuther moved that the indoor facility at Selinsgrove be named the “Ray Haskins Courts” in honor of Ray’s efforts and dedication to securing an indoor pitching facility for the EPHPA. Dale Estep seconded the motion. Motion carried. A plaque naming the facility in honor of Ray will be presented


The General Membership Meeting will be held February15th, 2015 at noon at the Mt Wolf clubhouse.


Dave Holliday moved that we adjourn, Mike Taylor seconded the motion. Motion carried.